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Time for Girl to Move Forward…Again!

Posted in experience by girlhappynow on 07/28/2012
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The late Fall and early Winter quickly passed, somewhat uneventful.  In late December, a new position in the company was brought to Girl’s attention by her manager.  It would be perfect for her because of her operational strength, her coaching ability and her training skills.  It would be temporary to see if the project would fly and Girl would need to spend more time in the Home Office which was 3 hours away.  Girl talked to the children about it, explaining that she would most likely see more of them because she would not be working weekends.  When she spoke about the new position with Zip, he was very happy for her.  This could be a step in a new direction.  Girl also had the daunting task of explaining this new role to Boy.  He did not understand it very much, just wanted to be sure that Girl would still be paying child support.  Girl explained that while this is currently a 12 month project, yes Boy would still get the same amount of child support.  Girl also explained that if the role becomes permanent her salary and bonus structure would change and he would need to be prepared for a change in the amount of support paid, as the law states.  Boy was not happy with that prospect.

Boy was always fixated on money.  With his father having it so he could, when his father went bankrupt, everything was a scheme to make him money.  When Girl earned more than he did, it was a self-esteem problem created for him.  When Girl changed jobs, boy would only focus on the bank account, not giving any credit to the fact the Girl had completely furnished the children with complete new sets of clothes, shoes and toys for her home.


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